Our Programmes

Food & Nutrition

  • 12,000 children in 26 Sri Lankan refugee camps & 13 slums have reduced malnourishment and increased their BMI over 50%
  • 100 children living with HIV are able to increase their CD4 count by 20%
  • Nursing mothers and pregnant women are able to give birth to and bring up bonny babies.
  • Peer learning through cookery competitions for mothers brings out talent and enhances knowledge about nutrition.


  • 5000 children enjoy Lebara Libraries and parks per year
  • Tuition centers in the slums of Chennai, Trichy and Nagercoil help over 1000 children to score 40% more marks in their examinations<
  • Training & Career guidance programmes help students select a career where they can excel
  • Deserving children are supported for completion of higher studies

Health Care

  • 100 children and 900 adults in Bihar saw the world for the first time through eye surgeries for removal of cataract
  • 15,000 children screened in health camps and 283 children supported for follow up treatment
  • 3000 children treated in leading paediatric oncology institutions such as All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai and Cancer Institute, Chennai
  • 50 children living with HIV supported with shelter, education and health insurance

Safe Drinking Water

  • Around 18,000 families have been enjoying clean drinking water through 15 RO water plants and water tanks installed in Refugee camps and Slums.
  • This has brought down incidences of water borne diseases by 75%

Rain Relief

  • Immediate relief of food items, milk powder and blankets provided to around 9,500 beneficiaries in five refugee camps and one slum in Chennai, Cuddalore and Thiruvannamalai districts affected by the floods in December 2015
  • Rehabilitation initiatives underway in Chennai, Tiruvallur and Cuddalore by way of food & nutrition, water & sanitation and health support.

Student Outreach

  • Through Kingston University Student Outreach Programme children learn language, art & computer skills and students in turn understand their culture, lifestyle and socio- economic background

Lebara Village

  •   Lebara Village aims to support 2000 vulnerable and underprivileged children with their right to education and health
  • The infrastructure is being developed for a school of international standards and state-of-art hospital at a project cost of £10 Million.